Avoiding Digital Eye Strain

lifestyle Oct 22, 2020
digital eye strain

These days are you finding yourself staring at the digital screen more than you'd like?

*The end of the day hits and your eyes are burning, itching or dry trying to bring your focus back to the physical reality.*

From running my online business to the kids' virtual learning, now more than ever I'm making it a priority to do what I can to keep the sparkle in these eyes.

>>Why wait for your digital eye strain to get worse before you do something about?<<

Here are 5 ways to protect your eyes from screentime so you can avoid the headaches, dry eyes and blurry vision.

1. f.lux

When people look at my computer screen they are taken back by how orange/red it looks.

That's because I have f.lux installed on my computer so I can protect my eyes from blue light without even thinking about it! It's free to download and adjusts the display's color temperature according to location and time of day.

2. Avoid Working Under Fluorescent Light

Now I know this can be something that you have no control over, but I highly recommend that you do this when you can as fluorescent light can cause eye strain and blurry vision.

>>And I KNOW you want to be able to live your life walking through Target without getting an instant headache from their lighting!<<

However, if you can't avoid it, then wear daytime blue-blocking glasses when you're exposed to this type of lighting. My kids and I both wear the daylight and twilight glasses from TrueDark.

*Note: this post contains affiliate links to some of my FAVORITE digital eye strain products! I receive a small commission if you shop using these links.*

3. Stop Screen Staring an Hour Before Bed

I'll admit it, I can get caught up in watching TV at night a liiiiittle later than my body likes.

But the first step is awareness, right?!

By now I hope you know the damaging effects that staring at your screen in the dark can have on your sleep and your beautiful eyes. Look at where you can readjust your evening routine so that you are minimizing your nightly screentime.

If that's not possible, then turn on f.lux on your computer or switch your phone to night shift mode. Your eyes will thank you!

4. Take Breaks

As I'm working from home and homeschooling my kids, I make it apparent to step away from my screen as often as I can throughout my day whether it's getting a little movement in, making the kids lunch or stepping into my infrared sauna.

But if you can't find the time to step away from your screen, take a couple of minutes to look up from your computer at the farthest object away from you in the room (preferably out the window).

Use this time to take a few deep breaths for yourself. Your body and brain will love this little extra self-care moment!

5. Get Outside First Thing In the Morning

I have been doing this lately and I'm LOVING it.

By getting outside in the morning for several minutes (without sunglasses) you will get a good dose of natural sunlight that can dramatically help with your circadian rhythm.

Give me all of the vitamin C!

There you have it, friend: 5 ways to avoiding digital eye strain while you WFH!

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