Are You Neglecting Your Pelvic Floor?

deep core Sep 10, 2021

A woman by the name of Kasey asked, “Erica, what if I don’t have diastasis recti? Do I still need to heal my pelvic floor?”

Are you in the same boat?

I know when I call out diastasis recti it can seem like I’m not talking to you, but I’m about to say something that you need to hear.

>>Just because you don’t have diastasis recti, doesn’t mean you should neglect your pelvic floor health.<<


The pelvic floor is the culprit of so much dysfunction in the body.

So friend if you’re looking at your screen right now and thinking to yourself:

  • I have none of that
  • I feel good!
  • Thank you, next…

>>I have to stop you right there because more important than healing the pelvic floor is preventing pain and dysfunction from happening.<<

I told Kasey that by properly strengthening your pelvic floor NOW you can prevent diastasis recti from happening to you in the future.

Was that a little out of the box for Kasey to hear? *Yeah, maybe.* 

But it’s the truth… Think of it like when you’re going to clean your house and you ask yourself, "how did it get this get so bad?" Instead of cleaning it ALLL up at its worse, you could have done little tasks every day to prevent all of that overwhelm.

>>Your goal should be to keep getting healthier year after year. That comes down to connecting with your body, listening to what it needs, and continuing to educate yourself.<<

Here’s the good news: Your pelvic floor health is entirely within your control.

  • When you are at the park with your kids.
  • When you are playing golf on a Sunday afternoon.
  • When you are laughing until you cry at the dinner table.

I've heard time and time again that women wish they knew this information sooner. So they weren't doing a deep clean of their pelvic floor after thinking they didn't need to worry about it because they didn't have diastasis recti.

But it's never too late to begin healing your body and they now enjoy the things they love in life without pain and dysfunction, and so will you.

>>Educate yourself so much that you are feeling stronger and more confident than before you had kids.<<

Are you wake up your pelvic floor? I’ve got just the thing. Here’s a link to my Pelvic Floor Guide to get you connecting with your pelvic floor in an effective way. You can download it >>HERE<< and start showing up for your health in a BIG way today.

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