How To Plan For The Question “What’s For Dinner?” with Allison Hollinger

core connections nutrition Jun 02, 2020

As a mom, I know we ALLLLLLL dread hearing that one question as we near the end of our day...What's for dinner? Is your mind shooting in 20 different directions as you don't know what to make and your heart beating a little faster? Ladies let’s change your perspective on this question.

Allison Hollinger joins me on the Core Connections podcast to give us her advice on how to take the stress and overwhelm out of feeding your family. She even shares with me a dinner-hack that she says is going to be *life-changing*.

If you’ve ever wanted an in-depth look into what goes into meal prepping/planning and how Allison does it for her family + the many others that she's helped, click play >>HERE<<. Ladies. This episode is about to be soooooo helpful. 

Over the years, Allison found her passion for helping to make people’s lives easier through healthy and affordable meal prepping. The simple solutions that she shares when it comes to meal planning + prepping are so valuable as families are eating at home now more than ever.

Ladies, taking one thing away with you from this episode will help you start to minimize the overwhelm that you feel from feeding your HANGRY and growing children. It's not about planning out every single meal, it’s about planning for the things that will make the biggest difference for you.

I hope this episode brings you inspiration the next time you find yourself in the kitchen and inspires you to find a new way to make memories with your family. 

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Bio: Allison Hollinger is a healthy recipe creator and founder of Plan to Nourish, her signature meal prepping membership, where she teaches busy moms how to make meal prepping and feeding their families easy, healthy and affordable. She’s a proud mom of 3 and devoted military spouse and has been a teacher her entire life. After receiving her Masters in Special Education from NYU, she was a Special Educator in both New York City and Los Angeles. Once Allison had children, she retired from teaching to be a stay-at-home entrepreneur and launched her successful live cooking show on Facebook. You can catch her live each week sharing her favorite recipes and meal prepping tips on her business page, Allison Hollinger.

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