4 Diastasis Recti Safe Exercises

deep core Oct 01, 2020
diastasis recti safe exercises

Did you know that crunches are one of the exercises that could be worsening your diastasis recti?

That's right, mama...I'm here to put crunches to the side for know so you can learn safer ways to activate your core when you are healing your abdominal separation.

Here are 4 core exercises that are diastasis recti SAFE:

  1. Hip Rolls
  2. Supine Twists
  3. Single Leg Lifts
  4. Single Leg Lifts with Arm Reach

No deep cores were harmed in the making of the video demonstration for you to check out below. 

If you’re ready to begin healing your diastasis recti (like I know you do!), I have good news: I want to teach you how to strengthen the fascial connection in your pelvic floor.

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