The BEST Strategies to Overcome Setbacks with Sean-Michael Doty

core connections Apr 16, 2024

This is going to be hard for you to hear…

Setbacks are invaluable opportunities for growth and development as you step towards success. (Yelling this from the rooftops!!)

As a pre and postnatal exercise specialist and core exercise specialist who helps women heal their bodies from pain and dysfunction, I gained so much perspective during this conversation with Sean-Michael Doty.

Whether you’re an athlete pushing through challenges, recovering postpartum, or simply striving for a healthier lifestyle — this episode is for you.

In this episode, you’ll learn practical tips for navigating setbacks, embracing resilience, and achieving success in your health and fitness journey.

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[04:39] Sean's diverse experience in strength and conditioning and how he values setbacks in personal and professional growth.

[05:42] How embracing setbacks as opportunities can springboard success.

[09:55] How listening to your body can prevent further pain and injury, and what you can do instead during recovery periods.

[15:04] The dangers of overexercising and the importance of finding balance in your movement practice.

[18:21] The underestimated benefits of walking.

[22:58] How 10 minutes of movement a day can promote your results.

[25:42] Sean explains what an athlete mindset is and ways you can achieve it.

[29:59] The best ways to reach your long-term health goals.

[31:14] Do THIS to achieve your health goals.

[34:43] The one thing we all will experience on our journeys.

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Coach Sean's journey began with a devastating ankle injury during his college athletic career. Despite setbacks, he persevered, becoming an integral part of his team's success. His subsequent injuries led him on a path of self-discovery, where he ventured into personal training and found a deep passion for teaching and training.

After facing budget cuts, Sean joined TrAk Athletics, adapting to the challenges of the pandemic by transitioning to remote operations and supporting his clients. Throughout his journey, Sean's unwavering determination and commitment to making a positive impact have remained constant.

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