Finding Acceptance in Your Diagnosis to Heal with Megan Evans

core connections Apr 02, 2024

Wanna know the most important element in healing a diagnosis or symptom?

… Acceptance.

… And then it’s befriending it.

… And then it’s communicating with it.

Here’s the thing: I know (I know, I know) that acceptance FEELS very challenging… and that’s why people resist it. But it’s necessary.

And one of my favorite examples of this is Megan Evans, founder and creator of The MS Stage and The MS Stage Method.

When she was diagnosed with MS, she resisted accepting her diagnosis for 14 years. Then, she hit rock bottom. She decided to accept that MS was in her life so she could work with her diagnosis instead of fighting it.

Spoiler alert: Her symptoms became her superpower.

In this episode, you’ll learn the importance of acceptance in healing, strategies for becoming friends with your diagnosis or symptoms, and practical tips for communicating with your body to facilitate healing.

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(03:43) What Megan prioritized with her diagnosis of MS.

(06:38) How acceptance of Megan's diagnosis became pivotal in her healing journey.

(08:33) How to reframe your relationship with medication and injections.

(10:29) The importance of working with your body instead of working against it. 

(15:39) Understanding how your body is communicating with you.

(17:53) Megan's perspective on not letting your diagnosis define you.

(20:18) The science behind cellular function and visualization techniques.

(22:39) Megan's prompt to start using visualization in your daily life when what you want isn't your current reality or you don't believe what you want is possible for you.

(28:12) Megan's explanation of symptoms being your superpower.

(34:47) Morning exercise to connect with your body and emotions.

(39:05) How music can influence cellular function and relaxation.

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Megan Evans is a firm believer in the mind/body connection and advocates for self-empowerment in health. Diagnosed with MS almost 20 years ago, she defied predictions of ending up in a wheelchair by embracing holistic practices. Megan teaches mindfulness rooted in her own experiences, emphasizing the power of mindset shifts. Her journey led her to create programs for women with MS, focusing on mindfulness, meditation, and movement. Through her work, she empowers MS warriors to befriend their symptoms and discover their true potential. Megan's approach has helped women worldwide reclaim control over their lives, fostering empowerment and confidence.

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