MTHFR and Pregnancy: What Women Need to Know with Dr. Ricardo Miranda

core connections Feb 29, 2024

Can you imagine unraveling the mysteries of your health with just a simple genetic test?

(Yes, it IS possible!)

This actually happened to clients Dr. Ricardo Miranda (aka the “pioneer of MTHFR genetic mutation research” and CEO of has worked with.

But before Dr. Ricardo started revolutionizing genetic health, he had an interest in longevity and an understanding that our DNA is not our destiny.

Today, he uses the knowledge he gained to help individuals, especially women planning pregnancy, struggling with infertility, and dealing with hormonal imbalances.

In this episode, Dr. Ricardo Miranda so graciously shares with us his expertise on the MTHFR gene. He also lets us in on practical tips for optimizing health, along with his insights on detoxification, hormone activation, and gene expression.

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[02:46] Dr. Ricardo's explanation of MTHFR and how this gene controls methylation.

[03:33] Why MTHFR is important during pregnancy and understanding its role in folate metabolism in to prevent birth defects and supporting brain development in babies.

[07:20] How fortified foods impact MTHFR.

[10:33] The importance of organic foods for MTHFR due to their impact on detoxification pathways.

[13:07] How MTHFR mutations can contribute to infertility and miscarriages.

[15:29] Dr. Ricardo explains optimal TSH levels and the difference between lab ranges and functional ranges for thyroid hormones.

[17:31] The role methylated folate plays in supporting proper thyroid function and hormone activation.

[22:12] Dr. Ricardo's journey into researching MTHFR and its impact on gene expression and health.

[25:23] Why testing folate levels (particularly in individuals with MTHFR mutations) is crucial for ensuring optimal health outcomes.

[30:55] The correlation between MTHFR and Down syndrome, autism.

[36:44] How over methylation of methylfolate can cause potential adverse effects.

[38:14] How methylation influences cortisol production.

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Ricardo Miranda is the CEO of He is a clinician and one of the top researchers in the field of MTHFR genetic mutation. With over 28 years of clinical experience, he is able to assess the direct link between MTHFR genetic mutations and health issues. He coaches doctors from all over the country on how to treat patients with MTHFR mutations and methylation issues.

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