How Pilates Relieves Back Pain

core connections Feb 22, 2024

Ladies, her jaw was on the FLOOR.

No back pain? After one Pilates session?

It all started when I was in college, I became a certified Pilates instructor and witnessed how movement can heal the body...

I then moved to California where I studied STOTT Pilates. It led me to create online courses, Knocked-Up Fitness, Core Rehab, and Core Studio, with my unique training techniques. It was something I knew was a definite need in the women’s fitness industry.

And I'll tell you what, opening my Pilates studio has shown women that back pain isn't normal and Pilates can change their lives.

You deserve this, too. Living the life you love without pain holding you back – I believe Pilates is what can get you there in the shortest amount of time.

In this episode, you’ll learn how Pilates can prevent back pain, my movement tips for back pain relief, and how you can incorporate Pilates into your daily routine for a pain-free and active lifestyle.

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[01:33] What I believe BEST relieves back pain.

[02:27] The research findings on Pilates potential in preventing back surgery (and what the research is actually saying!).

[06:07] What you need to focus on strengthening to alleviate back pain.

[11:28] Why not all Pilates methods are created equal.

[14:14] How to align your pelvic positioning for optimal deep core engagement.

[17:58] The importance of breathwork to create space and release tension in the back.

[20:28] My go-to technique to enhance the mind-body connection for expedited results.

[24:44] What you need to know about Pilates impact on weightlifting.

[30:05] My personal experience with clients overcoming back pain through Pilates to avoid back surgery.

[31:43] The difference between mat and reformer Pilates.

[33:43] The importance of modifying exercises to prevent exacerbating back pain.

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