True Stories about Bravery to Live Courageously with Gina Gallaun

core connections Feb 15, 2024

Are you ready to let go of fearful thoughts and approach life with bravery and courage? (yes or yesss?) Grab your drink of choice and settle in – the stories and insights shared on this episode just might change your life.

In this episode, Gina Gallaun and I chat as she shares some of the real-life stories from women she interviewed around the world for her new book (Embrace Your Brave in 30 Days) that will inspire you to live boldly.

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[03:34] How Gina's journey from fear to courage led her to compile inspiring stories from women worldwide into a journal.

[06:41] How Gina's brave decision to face her fears led her to a fulfilling life.

[11:17] What's involved in practicing courage when making choices.

[14:11] The story of Abbey finding purpose in a harsh ballet environment.

[22:36] How Irena overcame childhood beliefs.

[31:02] How Emily's resilience fostered physical activity in her stepsons.

[36:45] Gina discovers Common themes Gina discovered through diverse stories.

If you’d like to grab Gina’s book, you can go to her website and use code “ERICA” for free shipping.

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Gina Gallaun is a Colorado-based entrepreneur and author originally from Germany. Taking the leap to relocate to Estonia in her early twenties to make her mark in Europe’s leading startup hub, Gina became a pivotal player in creating "money without borders" at Wise. She was part of the core team that transformed the now world-renowned Estonian startup into a global multi-billion dollar business. After a thrilling decade in Estonia, Gina embarked on a world trip that would ultimately guide her to plant roots and start a family on the other side of the world, in the scenic vistas of Colorado. In 2023, Gina interviewed women worldwide to explore what courage looked like in their everyday lives. She captured their stories and worked with each woman to create courage journaling prompts. These stories and prompts are now featured in a published 30-day courage journal titled “Embrace Your Brave In 30 Days”.

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