Overcoming Mental Health Struggles and Building Neurological Resilience with Dr. Dawn Kingston

core connections Jan 30, 2024

If you've struggled with mental health and have experienced anxiety or depression during pregnancy or postpartum, this episode is for you.

I got reconnected with the magical, sensible human that is Dr. Dawn Kingston (if you haven’t yet listened to our previous conversation, click >>HERE<< to do so! You won’t regret it!). In this episode, we're lucky enough to hear Dawn's candid and insightful mental health findings. From brain to body to nervous system, Dawn shares the tools to build neurological resilience within the body.

Listen >>HERE<< now to hear her wisdom and all this…

[03:40] Introducing neurobiological regulation and its crucial role in women's mental health from pre-pregnancy to postpartum.

[08:21] Dawn explains the polyvagal ladder from researcher Deb Dana relating to nervous system dysregulation.

[13:19] Discussing expectations women put on themselves and the choice they have to change those expectations to match our non-perfect world.

[14:50] How to get out of neurobiological dysregulation happening in your life when you're at the bottom of the ladder.

[18:13] Redefining trauma beyond common perceptions, the talk highlights breathwork's power to stimulate the vagus nerve and signal safety to the brain.

[19:40] Using breathwork as a tool to bring awareness into your body and strengthen the brain/body or body/brain connection.

[22:05] Simple ways to navigate mental health challenges to enhance your lifestyle.

[27:11] Strategies to build neurological resilience when resistance is standing in the way on your journey to feeling better.

[31:16] The importance of slowing down and saying no to create space in your life for your mental well-being.

[35:30] Pregnancy's impact on the brain and how to maintain neurobiological health during the perinatal period.

[38:20] How to break the intergenerational transmission of stress, anxiety, and trauma.

[40:17] How to tap into your fascial system to improve your mental wellness and introduce brain spotting and body spotting as tools to address trauma.

[45:02] Why my unique movement techniques and transforming brain function.

[47:31] The future of treating mental health where movement, neurobiology, and neuropsychology will transform mental health care.

[51:39] Dawn shares how you can connect with her online. You can access her free mental health platform, Hope Mental Health 4 Women, or read her latest book, Your Brain on Pregnancy.

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Dawn and her team’s research has revealed times of mental health vulnerabilities throughout various seasons in a woman’s life beyond pregnancy and postpartum. This led the HOPE team to launch a digital platform to address these vulnerabilities to make support accessible for all women.

Dawn is passionate about improving women’s mental health. She is known across Canada as the leading expert in the mental health of pregnant and postpartum women through her research at the University of Calgary.

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