3 Squat Variations To Strengthen Your Whole Leg

movement Jan 18, 2021
squat variation

Ready to switch up the way you do squats?

*Here I go again...transforming the way you think of fitness.*

I love squats for strengthening the booty, hamstrings and deep core, but I teach them to my Core Rehab students in more than one way...

Now they might look like a simple exercise, but before you just go through the motions I encourage you to take your time during this sequence to connect your mind to your body.

*The mind is a powerful tool, my friend!*

Because the truth is, making these little changes to your movement practice can turn into big results for your body.

>>Being open-minded and trusting the process is a HUGE mindset shift to overcome when first stepping into my world of fitness.<<

But once you do and you finally have that moment where your eyes light up because it clicks, that's when the magic will start to happen.

Now that you understand my movement perspective, let's get to the reason why you're here! Watch the short video below to learn 3 squat variations that I teach to strengthen your whole leg. 

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