3 Mistakes You’re Making That Contribute to Back Pain, Diastasis Recti and Peeing Your Pants

lifestyle Nov 20, 2020
how to heal your body naturally
  • She said she knew what was wrong with her body, but didn't know how to fix it.
  • She said she couldn't jump on the trampoline without peeing her pants.
  • She confessed that she had given up hope but didn't want to accept that this was her new normal.

But, despite not knowing where to turn, she decided not to give up on herself her body and her health.

So she continued to be open-minded because she knew a quick fix wasn't the answer.

She shared how she was tired of living with dysfunction and just needed the tools and guidance to help her fix it...she was going to heal her body despite what her other mom friends have told her.

And guess what?


She began to bring awareness into her body and show up daily and things started to shift...

I believe the same thing is possible for you, beautiful. It's going to be so powerful.

>>So the question remains: Will you be open to learning information that goes against what's been taught in mainstream fitness to learn something new about your body?<<

If you’re ready, I have good news…

I want to teach you 3 Mistakes You’re Making That Contribute to Back Pain, Diastasis Recti and Peeing Your Pants.

Yup…this free one-hour masterclass will show you my unique training techniques so you can:

  • Heal your body safely and effectively for life without surgery
  • Say good-bye to aches + pains, peeing your pants, diastasis recti and more!
  • Get back to life's activities...hello trampoline!

I think it’s PERFECT timing to show how I heal the body by:

  • Bringing awareness to your daily movement habits
  • Addressing the pelvic floor (that doesn't mean Kegel's ladies!!)
  • Showing up consistently with gentle movement

Seriously, you’re going to leave this class feeling confident in your posture, stress-free about what's safe for your body, and with a new outlook on what it means to strengthen your body.

>>To save your seat, click >>HERE<< and register for the LIVE class.<<

In this Live Class, you’ll get learn so many practical training techniques and awareness pieces, you’ll feel like you're living in a whole new body.

And just for showing up LIVE, you will receive a free bonus with my Tips for Minimizing Pain at Your Desk While WFH to help bring everything together!

I can’t wait to give you the hope you've been looking for, beautiful. I’ll see you in the live class super soon!

get started by grabbing my free resources.

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