3 Best Abs Exercises

deep core Nov 19, 2020
best abs exercises

I heard you.

*Loud and clear with my chakra music in the background.*

Recently, the number one thing women want to know when it comes to the deep core is what are best (and safe) ab exercises.

I say safe because many women that I work with are damaging their deep core and pelvic floors with:

  • Crunches
  • Gripping abdominal muscles
  • Sucking belly to spine

>>If this sounds like you, then it's time to take a look at your daily habits and bring awareness to how you're holding your body because your abs aren't going to come through the old-school way of training!<<

If what you’re doing now is leaving you with pain, feeling depleted and less confident, then let’s talk about working out smarter, not harder! Here are 3 of the best ab exercises that I teach my clients.

1. Hip Rolls

I always start with teaching my clients how to do pelvic tilts and hip rolls because they are a foundational movement that helps to wake up those deeper fascial layers.

The key to hip rolls is to:

  • Move with your breath
  • Articulate your spine
  • Not grip your glutes

Adding hip rolls to the beginning of your workout is a great way to wake up and warm up your deep core.

2. Single Leg Extensions

Before you go into this movement, you have to be able to keep your pelvis neutral.

>>If not, this movement could go straight to your low back and no one needs that pain in their lives!<<

There are multiple ways to do single leg extensions, so pick the level that best works for you today and you can continue to build off of that.

3. Plank Slides

Not just planks...plank SLIDES.

I love these for working your entire core while creating strength and stability throughout your body.

>>I even love to do these modified on a chair because it allows me to feel those connections to a greater extent!<<

Whether you're on a chair or on the mat, you have to remember to fire your quads to lift up out of your pelvis and feel wrapping around your ribs as your breath moves you forward and back.

There you have it, friend: 3 of my best abs exercises to strengthen your deep core!

If you know why you're strengthening your deep core in the first place, you realize that strengthening your body start from the inside out...that leads to healthier habits, which leads to less aches and pains, and eventually an empowered life.

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