How to Naturally Boost Immunity during the Winter

core connections Nov 22, 2023

Wanna know how to better your resistance to illness?

Boost your immunity.

As a mom of three, boosting and supporting your immune system will help you maintain your overall well-being, allowing you to be more resilient against common illnesses.

You might be thinking, ‘I’ve tried everything, so WHAT… what am I missing to keep my household free of sickness?’

Lean in, this episode was made for you.

I’m diving deep into five tried and true ways to boost and support immunity.

Through getting outside, regular movement, quality sleep, sauna sessions, and balanced nutrition you can optimize your health…and boost your immune function which will protect against getting sick during the colder months.

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[02:37] The importance of getting outside for fresh air and sunlight in the colder months.

[07:06] How movement enhances the lymphatic system and the role the lymphatic system has in immunity

[09:46] The importance of getting quality sleep to support your body’s recovery process.

[11:02] Why I recommend using an infrared sauna to detox your body to rejuvenate your cells and support your well-being.

[14:20] How sugar and nutrition are impacting your immune system.

[16:57] What supplements you should be taking to boost immunity.

[27:05] The biggest factor to boost immunity that most people forget about.

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