I’m Opening a Pilates Wellness Studio: Here’s What Pilates Taught Me about the Body

core connections Oct 17, 2023

Have you ever had a big dream that you've always wanted to achieve?

You know, the ones that burn in your soul and linger in the back of your mind? The ones that push you to keep going because it's getting you closer to them being REALITY. I've recently experienced this.

I am opening a Pilates Wellness studio in Ankeny, Iowa.

An aspiration I've had since my days living in California...

Many people have been wondering why it has taken me so long to make this dream a reality and the answer is simple: life's priorities. Raising my wonderful kids has been my primary focus...and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to teach and share my knowledge with all of you, whether it's been through my various programs, instructor training courses, or this podcast, I've been able to do it all while being a hands-on mom.

Now that my kids growing older and more independentit feels like the perfect time to embrace this dream I've held on to for 18 years. They say timing is everything, and I believe this is my moment.

I'm a firm believer in hands-on learning (Hence why I haven't stopped working with clients in person.) I absolutely love experimenting with new cues and movements, and when I get to teach clients in person, it's a continuous process of learning, improving, and refining everything I do.

I'll be honest, the way I teach is a little different than traditional Pilates. Can you blame me?! Pilates has been around for 100 years, it's only natural to adapt to new discoveries and understandings of the body.

Which is why opening Core Athletica, my Pilates Wellness studio, is truly a dream come true. To have people experience the possibilities for their bodies through proper movement, detoxing, and education.

I think sometimes the best way to chase your dreams is to keep them close to your heart. Would you agree?

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[02:34] The impact hands-on learning has had on my Pilates training to maximize my client's results

[06:57] Similarities and differences between yoga and pilates.

[10:13] How Pilates saved my body.

[11:28] The explanation of Pilates being known to focus on the abs.

[14:29] The explanation of how Pilates is not just for women and how men can benefit from it.

[17:40] How long will it take to see and feel results from Pilates.

[22:13] The importance of reminding ourselves how far we’ve come and not fixate on the results we’re not seeing yet.

[26:21] How Pialtes can help with weight loss.

[28:08] Benefits of implementing Pilates into your movement practice.

[29:50] The understanding that you don’t have to be flexible or in shape to start your Pilates journey.

[32:03] How I teach Pilates differently to improve the longevity of your body from the inside out.

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