Your Mouth’s Dirty: How Natural Oral Care Supports Optimal Health with Trina Felber

core connections Apr 04, 2023

We just started our conversation when she said these words:

“All good health starts inside your mouth.”

Trina Felber is a CEO, registered nurse, and a brilliant mind that is passionate about educating people on natural improving oral care for stronger, cleaner, whiter teeth and improved overall health. When she said these words in this conversation about the start of her dental care company (Primal Life Organics), I just had to let that sink in.

She was right.

Switching to natural oral care products sounds simple in practice, but it impacts your health so much more than just in your mouth - trust me, I've learned from personal experience.

Click >>play<< now to learn:

  • [02:49] The story behind Trina's passion for dental health
  • [08:14] My personal testimonial with Primal Life Organics products
  • [13:10] Why you need a healthy microbiome inside your mouth and how to improve it
  • [21:55] Is fluoride good for your teeth?
  • [29:32] 3 key things that you want in your dental products
  • [36:39] Can you brush with just baking soda or charcoal?
  • [38:26] How to know if you’re brushing correctly (or too aggressively) and Trina's brushing tips
  • [46:00] Benefits of using red and blue light in your mouth

Ladies, whether you're wanting to learn more about natural oral care or looking to wow your dentist at your next visit, today's "mouth off" with Trina Felber is exactly what you need. Click >>play<< right now to get started.

Primal Life Organics products mentioned in this episode:

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Trina Felber is the Founder and CEO of Primal Life Organics. As a registered nurse with a master’s degree in anesthesia, Trina disrupted the beauty industry and exposed the hyper-toxic personal care products poisoning us by Big Cosmo. She started her natural dental and skincare company in 2008 and puts her ‘nurse’s care into every product she makes. Trina is a multi-million dollar entrepreneur and the best-selling author of Beauty’s Dirty Secret. She has made the Inc. 5000 list 5 years in a row and has been featured in Dr. Oz, Paleo Magazine, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Affiliates, and on hundreds of podcasts worldwide.

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