What Does Sleep Have to Do With Stress?

core connections Nov 29, 2022

Can better sleep habits lead to less stress?!

Stress is more than dealing with stressors on a daily basis, it also relates to your body's energy levels and digestive function.

Yes, ladies, it's all connected!

>>This goes to show that a lot of things contribute to stress, but not everything has to do with day-to-day stress management.<<

Reducing your stress:

  • Aligns your life and your health,
  • Elevates your mindset to respond rather than react, and
  • Allows you to do more with less.

In this episode, I give you my top 3 contributors to stress and tactical tips to enhance the way you feel from the inside out.

Without further ado, click play >>HERE!<<

I know you're here because you want to improve the way you feel. I know you want to put your best self forward, and I know you want to drop the excuses to get back to living the life that you love.

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