Are You Moving Through Too Much Range of Motion?

core connections Nov 01, 2022

Are you moving through too much range of motion?

Give me 35 minutes to tell you how too much range of motion can lead to pelvic floor dysfunction, inadequate stability and space in the body, and weak fascial connections because I have news for you:

>>Decreasing your range of motion isn't going to set you back.<<

Because can we normalize talking about what's really holding you back?

Spoiler Alert: It has to do with the mindset of, "go big or go home," or, "the bigger the better."

Do I want you to move within a full range of motion? Absolutely! But moving through too much range of motion isn't effective when you're not connected within your body. Decreasing your range of motion is what will amplify your results.

You have the power to start thinking about your movement practice differently. It's time you take a step back to learn more about your body and I want to help you do that in my free Pilates Flow Workout.

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