Breath Training to Improve Pelvic Floor Function with Mike Watts

core connections Oct 11, 2022

Are you trying to improve your breathing habits, but aren't sure how?

Learn from the best of the best: my guest today, Mike Watts, whose philosophy and methodology for optimizing human performance focus on functional breathing.

Mike transitioned from across the pond to Portland, Oregon where he continues to work with athletes at the highest level across a number of different sports to perform and feel their best.

In this episode, we dive into the most basic biological function that is the most neglected, as well as proper breathing techniques and tips to improve your pelvic floor function and health as a whole.

Trust me when I tell you this is one of the most important topics for pelvic floor health... So without further ado, click play >>HERE!<<

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Oxygen Advantage Master Instructor Michael Watts started his performance career in 2002 as a personal trainer and in 2006 transitioned into a full-time role as a performance coach with professional soccer athletes as Head of Performance. He spent 11 years working full-time with professional soccer players at the highest level across youth, senior, male and female formats of the sport, including performance roles at English Premier League Clubs and at the National Team level for China and England.

Since his transition to live and work in the USA as a High Performance Director, Mike has continued to work with athletes at the highest level across a number of different sports including Judo, Basketball, Boxing, Track and Field, Running, Speed Skating, and CrossFit.

As part of his philosophy and methodology for optimizing Human Performance, he understands and has experienced the importance of functional breathing and its impact on recovery and performance through continued research and the application of conscious breathing practices.

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