Tools You Need to Support Your Health during Menopause with Vanessa Ford

core connections Aug 09, 2022

You may know my guest today, Vanessa Ford, as a Creator, Writer, and Co-Founder of MenoLabs.

Her business revolves around perimenopause and menopause to teach women how to make the best, most informed, and well-researched decisions to feel like themselves again and be the healthiest version of themselves through menopause and beyond.

Vanessa has launched several successful women's health supplements including Fit & Happy fiber and probiotic for healthy weight, Well Rested sleep aid for women, and MenoFit menopause probiotic for health weight, which are backed by 20+ years of research.

Through her MenoLife app, Vanessa offers symptom tracking, personal trends insight, conversations with experts, and connection with a community of midlife women.

>>In this conversation, Vanessa and I discuss the ways women can address menopause with natural solutions rather than the current, broken approach.<<

These truly are tools you need to take your life back during menopause, so without further ado, click play >>HERE!<<

Get Vanessa's FREE book download, How to Master Menopause, >>HERE.<<


Vanessa Ford is the cofounder of MenoLabs, a company fundamentally changing the conversation, treatment, and research surrounding the menopausal transition. Vanessa was prompted to action after experiencing severe symptoms and finding that there was little in the way of help for her - and millions of other women just like her. She refused to accept the situation as inevitable and found the research, the team, and the capital to do something about it. Together, that team built a $30 million company - during the COVID lockdown.

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