Why You’re Having Painful Sex: Welcome Back Solange Ross

core connections Apr 26, 2022

Solange Ross and I have the privilege of helping women gain confidence through their pelvic floor healing journey.

>>Our passion for anatomy and daily movement has us preaching that everything in the body is connected starting at your pelvic floor.<<

I normally don't talk about the pelvic floor's association with sex but in this conversation with pelvic floor physical therapist Solange Ross, we go there.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Tips to reduce pain during sex
  • How stress and the nervous system can impact sexual health
  • What is causing women to experience a lack of orgasm 

and more.

Many thanks to Solange for making her third appearance on the Core Connections Podcast! Click play for an in-depth pelvic floor chat >>HERE.<<

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