Botox Red Flags? Here’s Your Natural Alternative with Courtney O'Connor

core connections Jan 25, 2022

Have red flags with botox? Listen to your intuition... because here’s an alternative.

My guest is Courtney O'Connor: an Esthetician Queen! With over a decade of experience with holistic skincare, she has been able to offer her community the most educational content and transformative treatments.

While she can spot a chemical in a product 100 miles away, her best-kept secret is the Bian Gua Sha Stone. By helping others understand the healing power of touch, she has been able to change the lives of her clients by enhancing their confidence.

In this conversation, we discuss natural ingredient imposters, tips for dry brushing the face, and why you should avoid botox and use a natural alternative instead.

If you've ever struggled with your skin, I know you'll love this episode. Click play >>HERE!<<

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Courtney Joy O’Connor is Primally Pure’s In-House Holistic Esthetician and Content Curator. Being in the beauty industry for over a decade, her experience + expertise with pure products, the healing power of touch, and holistic skincare rituals are at the core of all she creates. She has trained extensively with industry experts across the country to offer her community the most educational content and transformative treatments. Courtney lives at the beach with her plant babies and loves road-tripping, blending superfood bliss balls, and exploring our big, beautiful world.


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