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core connections Nov 18, 2021

Does it ever feel like your mind-chatter is getting in the way of you being present in your life?

*Yes, beautiful, I’ve been there.*

For years, I felt overwhelmed with my thoughts.

>>It wasn't until I learned to take the time to slow down and connect my breath more deeply into my body that I began understanding how to better live in the moment and be more present throughout my days.<<

If you’ve been feeling the same way, in this quick episode I’m going to guide you through a simple presencing exercise to calm your mind and enhance your breath.

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If you need a little extra help connecting with your body, download my free Pelvic Floor Guide. This is the exact coaching that I give my students to help them connect with their pelvic floor. It's a technique I swear by and now it can be yours, too! Download it >>HERE<< and use it to start awakening your pelvic floor.

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