Reduce Your PMS Symptoms Naturally with Alex Shaw

core connections Nov 09, 2021

Do you want to NATURALLY reduce your PMS symptoms?

If so, you can do so by learning how your exercise and nutrition should adjust throughout your cycle, Beautiful!

>>I have seen mine and the women I work with symptoms improve the most by way of lifestyle changes, and I want to help you do the same.<<

My guest today, Alex Shaw, is a holistic nutritionist with a focus on women's health and hormones. As a reproductive health practitioner, Alex empowers and educates her clients about their bodies, health, and fertility for long-term wellness and I'm honored to welcome her to the Core Connections Podcast.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The changing needs of the female body in a 28-day cycle
  • What foods can help decrease acne symptoms
  • What cervical mucus has to do with balanced hormones

and more.

Ladies, Alex and I could have talked all day and we share so many amazing insights for women. I can't wait for you to hear our conversation, so click play >>HERE!<<

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Alex Shaw is the founder of Moon Wellness Center, a women’s health practice based out of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Alex is a Holistic Nutritionist with a focus on women’s health and hormones, she’s a Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist, Spin Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, and mama of 3! As a Reproductive Health Practitioner, Alex empowers and educates her clients about their bodies, health, and fertility for long-term wellness. Alex currently works with women of all stages of their reproductive life, taking an integrative approach to educate and support women to thrive in their bodies from nutrition to movement and everything in between!

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