Your First Steps to Exercising during Menopause with Dr. Shelly Burns

core connections Oct 19, 2021

Are you ladies ready to lean into a topic of conversation that's not talked about enough with a guest that has been through it herself?

*Let’s do this!*

>>Dr. Shelly Burns is a doctor of chiropractic, gym owner, menopause specialist, and life coach and today, she is going to teach us how to overcome hormonal obstacles.<<

*Yes – I just said she’s a doctor of chiropractic AND a menopause specialist. She wears a lot of hats!*

But as a menopause specialist, Shelly is passionate about health, fitness, and wellness to tackle perimenopause and menopause while embracing your journey... and that's what we're discussing today.

In this interview, Shelly and I discuss:

  • Her perimenopause story and symptoms
  • How fitness and nutrition can impact your hormones
  • The power our mind has to enhance our health

and more.

I absolutely love this conversation and I’m sure you will too, so click play >>HERE!<<

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Shelly Burns is a Doctor of Chiropractic, gym owner, and Fitness expert for 20 years. She is also a Life Coach and creator of The FIT Menopause Blueprint™. She has always been very passionate about health, fitness, and wellness. She strives to be a guide for women battling hormonal obstacles. She feels no woman should be staring at themselves in the mirror wondering who is looking back at them or feel alone in their struggles. Women need to be helping women!  

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