Real Lessons In Overcoming PCOS With Belinda McCall

core connections Sep 03, 2021

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, scared, and stressed with your PCOS symptoms?

I have certainly experienced my fair share of feeling lost with my health, but I have great news, beautiful...

>>Your body DOES HAVE the ability to heal!<<

My guest today is Belinda McCall, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, founder of WomanBeeWell Magazine, and creator of The 5-Day Golden Gut, where she teaches you how to boost every system in your body through gut health.

Every two months, she releases an issue of WomanBeeWell Magazine which I have the honor of being a movement specialist for and I just KNOW you'll love hearing her story today on what she has learned on her PCOS journey since being diagnosed with it as she was trying to conceive.

I LOVED discussing topics with Belinda such as:

  • Stress and gut health impacting PCOS symptoms
  • How negative mindset can get in the way of healing the body
  • The importance of communicating what you're going through

and more.

Are you ready to learn some powerful information on overcoming PCOS? Click play >>HERE!<<

Belinda's magazine, Woman Bee Well, is free to the public. I hope you take this as a sign to take control of your health and discover your own version of wellness. It IS possible!

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Belinda McCall is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and founder of and WomanBeeWell Magazine. Think of her as your judgment-free, honest, motivational, geeky gut-health and all-around wellness BFF. She is the creator of The 5-Day Golden Gut and other online courses that quickly empower women with the knowledge and tools needed to restore balance back to the gut and to the entire mind, body, and soul. Her mantra: "Wellness Looks Different for Every Woman".

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