Neurofascial System: What Do Your Emotions Have To Do With Your Health?

core connections May 25, 2021

Have you ever felt yourself holding on to pain, keeping in a tear, or shoving down emotions to keep moving forward?

I've been there too beautiful! But what if I told you that restriction is standing in the way of your health?

Before you say I'm crazy, hear me out: Research shows free nerve endings in the fascia of the muscles and organs activate the same area of the brain that helps perceive emotions and internal well-being.

You can always count on me to keep you updated on the newest health info! In this recording, we are talking all things fascia, emotion, and important correlation that you may not have been aware of.

*See? I got you, Friend!*

In addition to the neurofascial system, I also talk about:
  • What fascia is
  • The role your pelvis and pelvic floor play in your emotions
  • Why you need both a mind-body and body-mind connection

And that’s just the beginning of this neurofascial system conversation! Click play to begin to bring awareness to your body and emotions >>HERE!<<

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