My #1 Piece Of Advice To Overcome Seasonal Allergies

core connections May 04, 2021

Do you want to know what my #1 piece of seasonal allergy advice is?

No, it’s not to take Zyrtec every day, lock yourself inside, or some magical treatment...

It’s to start detoxing your body.

People typically hear that and say “Erica, what does detoxing my body have to do with seasonal allergies?!” My answer is always this: Everything in the body is connected.

When I was healing my body from mold toxicity, seasonal allergies weren't even on my radar of something that I wanted to address. But after a few months into spring, I realized that I hadn't reached for the medicine cabinet once.

>>So friend, when you are on a journey to heal something with your body, be open to what else you might discover along the way.<<

It's great that there are seasonal allergy medications out there to help us survive in life, but I want to thrive.

The truth is, we do the best we can with the information we have at the time. We can't go back and beat ourselves up for the choices we made or didn't make in the past. That doesn't serve us now or for our future selves.

That's why I created the Core Connections podcast in the first place: to share this eye-opening information with you ladies.

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