Connecting With Your Emotions To Heal Your Body With Kelly Bradley

core connections Feb 23, 2021

Ladies, I’m SO excited for today’s episode with Kelly Bradley, a holistic Psychologist and Physical Therapist in Oregon.

Her mission is to empower women to heal themselves by unleashing their true selves and optimally activating their body’s own self-healing mechanisms.

*That’s right, we’re connecting with our bodies today!*

Through her own healing journey, Kelly created a process and methodology to help others heal. You are going to LOVE this conversation about connecting with your emotions and intuition.

In this interview, Kelly and I discuss:

  • Recognizing your intuition and letting it guide you
  • What can lead you to be disassociated from the feelings in your body
  • Finding a balance between masculine and feminine energy
  • How your inner child is playing a role in your present self

…and more.

>>Friend, I hope this candid conversation with Kelly inspires you to take a step back, let go of control, and connect with your emotions to propel your healing journey.<<

Click play >>HERE<< to dive in!

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Kelly Bradley MSPT, WHNC, CHC

Kelly Bradley was traditionally trained in Psychology (BA) and Physical Therapy (MSPT) at Arcadia University. She often found herself frustrated with the “traditional” education and healthcare model. After graduate school, she embarked on her own journey to learn a more holistic approach to health and well-being including mind-body and lifestyle medicine, functional nutrition, mindful movement, syncing with nature’s rhythms, and more. For 20+ years she has paved her own career path working with patients and clients one-on-one and in groups, conducting live and on-line workshops and retreats, and traveling across the United States teaching continuing education courses. In her early thirties, pelvic pain rocked her world-transforming her personally and professionally. She began a journey to not only heal herself at the root cause level but also, to create a process and methodology to help women experiencing chronic conditions, including pelvic pain, cure themselves. Her teachings empower women to heal themselves by doing the inner work to unleash their true selves and optimally activating their body’s own self-healing mechanisms.

The material contained within is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician before beginning a new regimen or purchasing any product(s).

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