How To Let Go Of Beliefs Standing In Your Way

core connections Jan 19, 2021

Tell me, friend: Are your health and wellness goals a priority?

A lot of us feel pressured to set goals for our health at the beginning of the year but aren't able to keep up with them because there is something standing in our way.

*If that resonated with you, listen up Beautiful!*

>>By learning how to let go of things that are holding you back in your life, it opens you up for new opportunities, goals and priorities to come in.<<

In this episode, you’ll hear how part one and part two of this goal-setting series come together to help you create better quality goals that you can achieve this year.

When you click play, you’ll hear me tackle the following topics:
  • Why "not having enough time" is just an excuse
  • How to align with what brings you joy
  • How to deal with resistance coming up in your life
  • Going through a simple breathwork practice

>>The more present we can be with ourselves, the more awareness we have with what I’ve taught you over these past three weeks.<<

I can’t wait for you to tune into the last part of this series, so click play >>HERE!<<

I ended this goal-setting series around the idea that gentle movement is intertwined with each part of this series because the mind and body work together to create better energy flow. For access to a movement practice that will enhance your mind-body connection, join me in my FREE 5-Day Pilates Sculpt Challenge!

In this series, you will not only begin to tone and strengthen your body, but you will also learn how to move more effectively. I can't wait for you to transform the way you think of fitness with this gentle movement practice, so save your seat >>HERE<< and let's begin to align with our priorities...together.

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