Getting Started With Improving Your Digestion

nutrition Jun 23, 2021

Do you want to improve your body's ability to digest food?

*Oh, I feel you!*

Digestion and gut function play a huge role in your overall health.

Because, how I see it, a lot of the body's symptoms and dysfunctions come back to the gut.

>>But rather than ignoring your body's symptoms, let's do something about it!<<

Here are 5 ways to improve your digestion that will decrease inflammation, have you pooping regularly, and improve your pelvic floor function:

  1. Take bitters before you eat.
  2. Slow down while you're eating.
  3. Chew your food really well.
  4. Minimize drinking too many liquids during your meals.
  5. Reduce the stress in your life.

*Friend, the possibilities are endless!*

Improving your digestion will begin to show you what's possible for your body and not to mention you'll feel good doing it.

There’s more to a healthy digestive system than how you eat your food, but I've got you covered there, too! Check out my FREE Gut Health Bundle to learn more about supplements I recommend and the education behind WHY you may need to take them. Get access to it >>HERE<< and start improving your gut health today!

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