How to Heal Your Gut Lining

nutrition Oct 13, 2020
gut lining

What came first...the chicken or the egg?

It's a hard question to answer, right?! But people have their die-hard justifications for what they believe is correct.

So hear me out when I ask: What do we work on first...getting the toxins or parasites out of your gut?

I'm a biiiig believer in starting by getting the toxins out. Having toxins in your body can weaken the gut lining and things that should never cross that barrier do.

>>Because ladies, if you get the parasites out before healing the gut, then you haven’t fixed the environment that those parasites are living in and they’re going to come right back.<<

So friend, I have an important question for you: Are you ready for a gut revamp?

*The kind of revamp that will begin to heal your body from the inside out?*

I hope you’re nodding your head because I’m going to teach you how to heal your gut lining. By the end of this episode, you'll be on your way to decrease bloating, improve energy and get those toxins out!

In this episode, we dive in and talk about:

  1. Leaky Gut
  2. Parasites
  3. Bacterial Overgrowth

You guys, this episode is proof that everything in the body is connected so click play >>HERE!<<I’m obsessed with women wanting to heal their bodies from the inside out. In order to see big results on your body, you have to bring awareness to it! To help you learn more about how to better move your body, download my free pelvic floor guide >>HERE!<<

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