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What Exactly is 'BBD' and How Will It Help?

BBD is a lifetime access step-by-step training program that gives you the exact steps you need to create, market, sell and scale your digital products and become a digital CEO.

Founder James Wedmore has taken over 15 years of working with tens of thousands of online business owners and has distilled it down into game-changing strategies that can make all the difference for you and your business.

And when you apply this blueprint, you'll have more breathing room + less stress in your life, your business and a lot more time for the people and things that matter most to you!

And Now Your BBD Experience is Going to Get Massively Enhanced with these THREE Growth Bonuses.

BONUS #1 ($1,997)

3-Week BBD Xcelerator with Erica

As you embark on this wonderful journey, there is one thing that we can both agree on for certain: you're going to have questions. You're going to get stuck. Stopped. Confused. Overwhelmed.

It's inevitable. And unfortunately, it's where most people give up. But not YOU! You already know that with the right coaching, accountability and support from someone who has "been there, done that!" then you'll finally have access to the difference that makes the difference!

And that's exactly what you're going to get with THREE "Hot Seat" Group Coaching Calls with Erica!

BONUS #2 - ($997)

Is A Membership Right For You?

Memberships seem to be the BIG thing right now, but is it a good fit for you and your business?

#1. Why most people leave memberships
#2. Options for membership structure
#3. Jumpstart your membership today

BONUS #3 - ($697)

Do I need an App for that?

Oh the fun conversations around apps, app development and is it right for your business? You'll get to learn from my mistakes which can save you thousands! (way beyond your investment in BBD!)


14 Days FREE Access to Kajabi, the #1 Online Business Growth Platform


...PLUS! You'll Get ACCESS to James, The BBD Process & Community!

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