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I created my Core Rehab Program to teach you life-changing techniques for your body that you've never been taught before.

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Core Rehab is Recommended by OB/GYN's and Physical Therapists!

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist | Owner/Founder of Healing Integrations Physical Therapy

"Erica Ziel has developed a comprehensive program that does not just benefit new mothers, but will benefit everyone. Erica's gift is her ability to read the human body. Her education and training will empower you to make safe + effective exercise choices that will change your body in a profound way. Erica can see where restrictions and poor posture emanate from her ability to correct these and other limitations through exercise and education are remarkable."

Masters of Physical Therapy | Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Certified | Creator of Complete Core NYC

"I am very excited to consult with Erica Ziel on her Core Rehab Program. I have personally done these workouts and they are on point. She gives you great technique and an amazing progression to connect with deep core muscles and great engagement."

Women's Health Physical Therapist

"I truly believe that all postpartum women benefit from a specific restorative program. A program that focuses on the inner core unit, spinal mobilization, scapular stability, and pelvic stabilization. Learning to use proper movement patterns and using the stabilizing muscles appropriately is key to getting your body back on track. I am thrilled that all women can have access to The Core Rehab Program. A program like this gives postpartum women a plan to rebuild the body the proper way without skipping the key steps."

Assistant Professor of Sports Science + Health Education at Simpson College

"I have followed Erica's work for several years now both as a healthcare professional and personally through both of my pregnancies. Her programs have been one of the many tools I have used to successfully avoid low back pain and a cesarian section after both deliveries, including a delivery of twins! Erica and I share many similar interests but most importantly, we agree that movement is key! Erica's programs help accomplish just that and they are easy to fit into even the busiest of mom schedules!"

Board Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologists | Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists + Infertility | Physicians Behind Truly-MD.com

"Erica is building a community of women who no longer have to suffer in silence due to The Core Rehab Program."

What Makes Core Rehab So Effective?


Choose your intensity level that best fits your body + life! The workout schedules are easy to incorporate into any busy lifestyle.


The membership has been proven to improve + heal diastasis recti, eliminate incontinence, prevent aches + pains while working to rebalance your body safely and effectively.


You have 24/7 access to the membership. The program has the ability to be picked back up wherever you left off.


The foundational elements of this program are scientifically proven to maximize results!

Read What Other Women Have To Say!


Love, love, love this!! I love the wealth of information that I wish I knew years ago with my first baby and even before then. I love how it has changed exercise for me!


Finished the program, but still incorporate several moves each day. The connections just keep getting better and better.


Thanks to the Core Rehab Program, my body is moving so much better. My foundation is strong and solid as I am now able to expand my movement from a place of strength.


And to think I was going to get surgery. I’m so proud I’m healing my diastasis recti. So proud I’m listening to my body.


Finding this program has been one of the best things that's ever happened to me! I finally have an understanding of my body + how to strengthen it. I've suffered from low back pain for 12 years and 3 months after starting the program it is gone! My overall happiness has increased as I feel more confident and capable!


The fact that Erica is knowledgeable and passionate about helping women build their core strength back so that we can feel and be healthy and strong again has been invaluable to me.


My recovery is 100% attributed to Core Rehab. I was given exact instruction on what to do, and I put my entire faith into the program, and it worked! I wouldn’t be able to complete any of my current workouts if I hadn’t healed my core first. To this day, I still do Core Rehab when I feel like I need to focus on the basics. Trust the process and trust the program! I no longer look pregnant! Thank you, Erica for creating a program specifically for mommas to feel their best again. I’m forever thankful for you!


This was the best thing I did for my body and mind. I worked out all throughout my pregnancy and prefer intense workouts, but these are a perfect balance for me and I see so much more improvement in my body and how I feel doing Core Rehab vs my other workouts.

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Heal Your Body through Movement, Mindset and Wellness.

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The Best Project You'll Ever Work On Is YOU!

✓ Say bye-bye to aches + pains, incontinence, diastasis recti, and more! Better yet...learn how to PREVENT!

✓ Digital access to the 6-phase program that includes over 15 hours (70+ videos) of educational tutorials + workouts

✓ Digestion + nutrition section to help you create a better quality life!

✓ Easy to follow guides + workout schedules included in each of your 6 phases and BONUS section

✓ Additional diastasis recti section

✓ Exclusive access to the Core Rehab support group to help answer your questions + keep you motivated throughout your journey

✓ Opportunity to join monthly group coaching video call led by Erica Ziel + Coach Jen

✓ BONUS section to take your fitness to the next level! 


Erica Ziel is a mom of three, published author, Pilates instructor, and nutrition coach with over 15 years experience working with woman of all ages. She is also the creator of The Core Rehab Program and Knocked-Up Fitness.

Having experienced the frustrations of healing abdominal separation herself along with working with a lot of other women who benefited greatly from her core training, she knew this program was something she had to create. You are NOT alone and you CAN work on creating stronger core connections and feeling good again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I start the Core Rehab Membership after baby?

A: The tutorials you can watch and learn from right away as they teach you how to strengthen your deep core, posture, breath and more. Once your doctor has cleared you for exercise then you can begin by following the beginner or intermediate workout schedule.

Q: Is The Core Rehab Membership for pregnancy?

A: No, if you are currently pregnant then the Knocked-Up Fitness Membership is the program for you. The Core Rehab Program is designed for pre-pregnancy, postpartum + beyond.

Q: I had a c-section, are all the exercises safe for me to do?

A: See my answer to the question above as well. Recovery after a c-section does take longer and you need to be cautious of your incision. Take your time and allow your body more time if needed through each phase. There is no rush, but I do encourage you to do a little each day!

Q: Is every exercise safe for diastasis recti?

A: Through the first 5 Phases absolutely! Every exercise is ‘core safe’ and I teach you more modifications starting in Phase 5 and Phase 6.

Q: Is it ever too late to work on healing diastasis recti?

A: It's never too late! At any age and no matter how long it's been since you had your last little one it is possible to feel and see incredible results.

Q: Can I continue my other workouts {yoga, Pilates, crossfit, running etc.}?

A: Yes you may continue your current workouts but I do encourage that you make your core rehab assignments {tutorials and workouts} your priority and do those prior to your other workouts. In the beginning it's important to minimize or even temporarily stop doing high intensity exercise {especially if you experience any 'leaking', that's a sign you are putting too much stress on your pelvic floor, but not to worry because with the core rehab program eventually you could be doing your high intensity workouts again 'leak free'}. I also encourage to avoid planking and any 'crunch-type' exercises until your core has become stronger through the first phases of the Core Rehab Program. It's not a 'no' forever by any means, it's 'not right now' - my goal for you is to be able to do everything you are right now and more, making every exercise you do more effective! 

Give yourself PERMISSION to REJUVENATE your body, your mind and your life!

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Always consult your physician before beginning an exercise program.