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“If you want to feel confident in teaching your clients then this is the course for you!!” - Zarah R.


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"This course blew me away! As a Pilates instructor, it took information I already had but applied in ways that really made a huge difference. Being in my third trimester myself and having my child just as I finished the materials, I was able to put every idea to the test, and the proof is in the pudding! I had a great and easy labor all things considered and I am having a great recovery!"

Lauren M.

"Highly recommended! I learned so much about my own body and wish I had known all this with my last pregnancy. I’m so thrilled to be able to help my new mamas in a safer and more effective way. Erica is awesome – she is clearly passionate about her message and is honest with sharing her own experiences. The course really presents a whole new purpose to the exercising we do."

Karla L.

"Erica is a true expert in pre and postnatal exercise, as well as exercising to repair complications related to pregnancy and birth. I have used her methods myself with truly amazing results. I am grateful to have worked through her programs and learned her methods."

Katie D.

"Erica’s course gave me a huge confidence boost in training my clients. The information and techniques she provides have helped my clients get better results postpartum. I recommend this course to anyone who works with prenatal and postnatal women, whether you teach yoga, are a physical therapist, OB/GYN, doula or midwife."

Melody K.

What is The Knocked-Up Fitness® Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist Course?

Completely online digital course comprised of 12 Sections (each explained in more detail below). Over 20 hours of video and audio educational instruction. 


18 National Pilates Certifiation Program (NPCP) CEC's

1.9 NASM CEC's


upon completion of the entire course + passing all 5 quizzes.

"The content of the Pre-Postnatal Exercise Specialist Course by Erica Ziel has exceeded my expectations. I had not come across any other material on this topic with as much detail and practical applications as this one. I feel completely prepared to work with pre-postnatal women and help them on a much greater level. In my opinion, this must be one of the best pre-post natal courses in the fitness/yoga industry."

Carla Egurrola
Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor

"A fantastic course, very thorough and backed by lots of research. This should be a staple course in the fitness industry as it's more comprehensive, relevant, and beneficial than any other course I'm aware of."

Candice Kino
Personal Trainer

"Erica truly is the best of the best when it comes to Prenatal Pilates and Fitness. She is an inspirational woman in so many ways. Often times I see instructors favor the anatomy element over the exercise/physical element, or focus too much on the physical “workout” without proper anatomy and posture awareness…..She has it all going on. She is a living example of a Pilates Pro, working mom, and beautiful woman. I feel lucky to have been able to study with Erica and look forward to learning more."

Carly Farmer
Pilates Instructor

"After completing Erica’s training course I feel both confident and enthusiastic to take on pre and postnatal clients. Erica’s passion is contagious as she shares her industry expertise and go to workout’s. This course is a must for any instructor interested in taking their female clients to the next level. Money well spent!"

Richelle Sant
Pilates Instructor

"I have loved taking Erica's online course and especially that this course is extremely research based!"

Annie Tinker
Pre/Postnatal Instructor and Birth Doula

Covered throughout your Prenatal + Postnatal Exercise Specialist Course:

Limitations + Benefits

This course is based highly on research, lots and lots of research! Learn the limitations to exercising during pregnancy plus the incredible (research-based) benefits!

Physiological Changes

Ever wonder why pregnancy causes the symptoms it does? How does that affect her exercise routine?

Pregnancy Health Topics

Understand and define terms related to pregnancy, plus pregnancy symptoms and concerns and how exercise can be affected.

Female Anatomy + Deep Core

Review and learn about anatomy as it relates to the female and pregnant body, importance of deep core anatomy and fascia, along with postural changes.

Trimester Guidelines

Learn specific guidelines for each trimester while understanding the variables among different prenatal women. 

Diastasis Recti

Learn how to recognize if a client has diastasis recti while pregnant, how to minimize, and even start healing during pregnancy.

Exercises: Progressions + Modifications

You'll go over specific exercises and discuss their modifications and when to start modifying. Not every prenatal client will start modifying or doing the same modifications at the same time in her pregnancy.

Labor Overview

Gain a better understanding of what the female body goes through, how her pregnancy workouts could have an impact on labor, delivery and recovery.

Creating Balance

Let's pull together everything we have learned so far - to better understand how to create exercise programming for the prenatal client. Really understanding the variables among them.

Prenatal Case Studies

Review three case studies to understand how to apply everything you have learned through this course.

Training the Postpartum Client

Understand guidelines for how to safely and effectively train your newly postpartum clients, how to test for diastasis recti, and start strengthening her body for life as a busy mom!

Postpartum Case Studies

Review two postpartum case studies to understand how to apply the knowledge to your newly postpartum clients.

Course Created by Erica Ziel

Learn from a leading Prenatal, Postnatal and Core Exercise Specialist! Owner of Core Athletica® Inc., creator of Knocked-Up Fitness® and The Core Rehab Programs, Erica has been in the fitness industry for 20 years, with a degree in Health and Human Performance from Iowa State University, PMA®-CPT, STOTT PILATES® certified instructor, Personal Trainer Certified, Nutrition Coach, and Mom of three. She has morphed her education with her constant finding of research, and hands-on approach to teaching prenatal clients. Most recent writing for the Strength and Conditioning Journal about Prenatal Training.

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Enjoy instant access to your entire course upon enrollment!

Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist Course: 

  • 12 sections
  • Completely digital streaming access
  • 140 page Outline (PDF download)
  • Workbook (PDF download)
  • Instant access to your entire course!
  • 5 Quizzes (must pass to earn CEC's and Certification)
  • Access to online course content for 12 months
  • Certification option*
  • CEC's available from ACE, PMA, NASM, AFAA! (you can also submit for your own cec's to your certification organization)


 + CERTIFICATION ($150 yearly):

  • Additional beyond the Course (above). Must purchase the CERTIFICATION option - available during checkout after you purchase the course.
  • Includes your yearly licensing fee + access to your instructor membership
  • Video Exercise Library access with active yearly instructor certification membership
  • Feature on Find A Trainer Near You* + opportunity to contribute to Knocked-Up Fitness® Blog + social media + more!
  • Access to additional education + live calls through the membership throughout the year.
  • See below for full Certification Requirements*


Certification BONUS:

Opportunity to join Erica in an online video small group setting to go deeper into training and even training business conversation! (Value $497)


 Upon Certification Completion You will be added to our Find A Trainer Near You Page!!

Certification requirements:

  1. Full completion of online course (must watch ALL videos)
  2. Pass all 5 quizzes
  3. If you need CEC's sooner than what you can complete all Certification requirements you are welcome to complete the course and submit your CEC's, then continue working towards completion for your Certification.
  4. Document 20, 50-minute training sessions within a 6-month period. 10 hours must be training pregnant women, and the other 10 can be pregnant or non-pregnant women.
  5. Submit copy of case studies in your workbook
  6. Videotape two, 5 to 8 minute training sessions for feedback from our master trainers.
  7. To stay certified you must remain a member of The Core Athletica®  Instructor Membership which allows you the rights to use the Core Athletica® Knocked-Up Fitness® name (your $150/year certification).
  8. Upon completion you will be added to our Find A Trainer Near You + have opportunities to contribute to the Knocked-Up Fitness blog, social media or even be featured as a guest with Erica on her Core Connections Podcast!
  9. Submit proof of your current CPR certification and professional liability insurance at completion of course and any other relevant certifications (yoga, personal training, pilates, etc.).

You have 12-months to complete the entire course and certification requirements. 


Q: Do I have to be a fitness instructor to take this course?

A: No, you do not need to be a fitness instructor to take this course. I do recommend having a base understanding of anatomy but it's not a must as you can devote more time to learning anatomy during the course. 


Q. What do I need to do in order to receive the certification?

A. Upon completion of the entire course (completing all Certification Requirements). You will need to submit proof of CPR certification and professional liability insurance (ask us if you need suggestions for professional liability insurance)


Q: Do I have to complete the course in a certain amount of time?

A: For the CERTIFICATION you 12 months to complete. Please prioritize your course and assignments as you can easily complete in just a couple of months.


Q: Is there additional materials I will need to purchase?

A: There are 2 books that are required for this course (in addition to the outline and workbook which you will have access to as pdf files). The 2 books are:

  1. The Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy (the eBook is included and if you prefer the actual book that is additional).
  2.  Anatomy and Movement by Blandine (revised edition) Calais-Germain

These 3 books are additional recommended reading but not mandatory for this course:

  1. Exercising Through Pregnancy by Dr. James Clapp
  2. Fascia in Sport and Movement by Dr. Robert Schleip
  3. The Female Pelvis by Blandine Calais-Germain

Q: I'd really prefer to learn from you in-person, do you offer in-person courses.

A: While I will be offering Master Class dates (in-person) this online course is a prerequisite for attending any of my live Prenatal Master Class workshops. This will allow us to dive into the next layer of training prenatal and postnatal clients. With the master classe's going over more exercises, exercise programmings, case studies, and great discussion regarding training your prenatal and postnatal clients. 

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Begin your prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist course and certification process today - it's so much more than just knowing what modifications to make in each trimester. Truly understand why and what to teach your prenatal clients according to what is appropriate for her, at each stage in her pregnancy.


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