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The Core Rehab Program opens again June 2018. Be among the first to know when it becomes available PLUS receive additional tips to get you started strengthening your core today!

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A mom of three, published author, Pilates instructor, and nutrition coach, is the creator of The Core Rehab Program and Knocked-Up Fitness.
Having experienced the frustrations of healing abdominal separation myself along with working with a lot of other women who benefited greatly from my core training I knew this program was something I had to create. You are NOT alone and you CAN work on creating stronger core connections and feeling good again!

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What's Inside The Core Rehab Program...

  • Lifetime Access to the entire 6-Phase Core Rehab Program
  • Phases 1-3 are released 2 weeks apart and Phases 4-6 are released 3 weeks apart
  • Access to all your digital streaming tutorials and workouts from any device
  • Printable Guides for tutorials and workouts
  • Over 14 hours of tutorials and workouts (70 videos!!!)
  • Beginner {under 30 minutes} and Intermediate {30-60 minutes} Workout Schedule options
  • Early Phases many workouts and tutorials 10-15 minutes, later phases 15-25 minutes.
  • BONUS Section!
  • Exclusive access to private Facebook group 
  • Access to any updates made in the future

This is a lifestyle program – one that is to educate while also improving balance throughout your body, core strength and overall full body strength, coordination, fascial connections and healing incontinence, back pain, diastasis recti and much more, or preventing them too!!!

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The Core Rehab Program opens again JUNE 2018. Be among the first to know when it becomes available PLUS receive additional tips to get you started strengthening your core today!

Phase One Focus: Posture

Workouts + Tutorials Include:

Pelvic Floor {Deep Core}

Warm Up

Postural Tutorial

Breath Tutorial

Foam Rolling

Phase 1 Workout

Lower Body Workout

Total Body Workout

Squat Tutorial

Picking Up Tutorial

Ribcage Tutorial

Back Extension Tutorial


Phase Two Focus: Hips + Pelvis

Workouts + Tutorials Include:

Wake Up Release

Small Ball Release

Stomach Massage

Warm Up

Butt Tuck Belly to Spine Tutorial

Phase 2 Workout

Squat Workout

Hip Release Tutorial

Arm Sculpt Workout

KT Tape Legs + Low Back Tutorial

Beach Bum Workout

Phase Three Focus: Ribcage Connection

Workouts + Tutorials Include:

Ribcage Tutorial

Warm Up

Ribcage + Lateral Movement Tutorial

Phase 3 Workout

Upper Body Workout

Lower Body Workout

Beach Workout

Phase Four Focus: Adding Rotation

Workouts + Tutorials Include:

Rotational Tutorial

Warm Up

Phase 4 Workout

Full Body Foam Rolling Tutorial

Lower Body Workout

Upper Body Workout

Phase Five Focus: Adding Planks

Workouts + Tutorials Include:

Plank Tutorial

Warm Up

Pike Tutorial

Phase 5 Workout

Lower Body Workout

Upper Body Workout

Beach Workout

Phase Six Focus: Adding Flexion + 'Crunches'

Workouts + Tutorials Include:

Flexion Tutorial

Warm Up Workout

Phase 6 Workout

Full Body Workout

Core Workout

Beach Workout

(I teach you how to optimally add back in 'crunch-type exercises' the correct way to keep your deep core strong and active - these are NOT your traditional crunches)


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Common Q + A's

Q: When can I start the Core Rehab Program after baby?

A: The tutorials you can watch and learn from right away as they teach you how to strengthen your deep core, posture, breath and more. Once your doctor has cleared you for exercise then you can begin by following the beginner or intermediate workout schedule.  

Q: Is The Core Rehab Program for pregnancy?

A: No, if you are currently pregnant then the Knocked-Up Fitness Membership is the program for you. The Core Rehab Program is designed for postpartum and beyond.

Q: I’m not yet to my 6-week check-up mark yet can I start and doing anything in your program today?

A: I always recommend talking with your doctor first but there are tutorials that you will learn a lot from {deep core strengthening, breathing, posture, etc.}.Once approved for exercise you can begin following the workout schedules.  

Q: I had a c-section, are all the exercises safe for me to do?

A: See my answer to the question above as well. Recovery after a c-section does take longer and you need to be cautious of your incision. Take your time and allow your body more time if needed through each phase. There is no rush, but I do encourage you to do a little each day!

Q: Is every exercise safe for diastasis recti? 

A: Through the first 5 Phases absolutely! Every exercise is ‘core safe’ and I teach you more modifications starting in Phase 5 and Phase 6. 

Q: Is it ever too late to work on healing diastasis recti?

A: It's never too late! At any age and no matter how long it's been since you had your last little one it is possible to feel and see incredible results.

Q: I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy and would like to start The Core Rehab Program as soon as I can postpartum, should I join now or wait until you open it again?

A: Join now so you can start learning from the tutorials and as soon as your doctor approves you to begin exercise, your program and workout schedules will be waiting. 

Q: How long each day do I need to spend doing the Core Rehab Workouts?

A: I offer 2 workout schedule options, a beginner workout schedule with daily assignments of tutorials and workouts under 30 minutes, intermediate workout schedule daily assignments between 30-60 minutes. That said, days that are busier I encourage to do even just one workout and focus on the tips and cues I teach you right away that you can do throughout your busy days to make your core rehab even more successful. The beginning phases tutorials and workouts range but many are 10 to 15 minutes each, the later phases increase a bit ranging 15 to 25 minutes. This gives you great options so you can switch the days aorund in your workout schedule if needed, or even pick your favorite workouts and do those more often.  If you miss a day {or days}, that's okay, I encourage you to just keep moving forward - it's not about being perfect or 'all or none'. Because a little bit will go a long, long way!!!

Q: Can I continue my other workouts {yoga, Pilates, crossfit, running etc.}?

A: Yes you may continue your current workouts but I do encourage that you make your core rehab assignments {tutorials and workouts} your priority and do those prior to your other workouts. In the beginning it's important to minimize or even temporarily stop doing high intensity exericse {especially if you experience any 'leaking', that's a sign you are putting too much stress on your pelvic floor, but not to worry because with the core rehab program eventually you could be doing your high intensity workouts again 'leak free'}. I also encourage to avoid planking and any 'crunch-type' exercises until your core has become stronger through the first phases of the Core Rehab Program. It's not a 'no' forever by any means, it's 'not right now' - my goal for you is to be able to do everything you are right now and more, making every exercise you do more effective! 

"At the 6-week mark post-partum I started post-natal Pilates in my neighborhood. I also started regular stroller walks, and very quickly my pregnancy weight just fell off. But I had also lost any previous muscle mass and strength I so missed. My posture was terrible, and I definitely had a mummy tummy!

As an exercise physiologist, I was seeking safe and effective exercise programs that could include my daughter, and give me the fitness outlet I was missing. I tried other local mom and baby fitness classes, but found that many of the instructors lacked the knowledge of post-partum exercise guidelines, and healing diastasis (mine was very slight, but still evident). I LOVE the web-based delivery of this program. We all know that as new moms, committing to a regular date and time each week for an exercise class is next to impossible. It is also so convenient to be able to pause, rewind, or restart a workout to deal with a diaper explosion or tend to a breastfeeding session.

I found the exercises very gentle and safe in the beginning, and the progression was more than appropriate as I slowly regained my strength. Little by little, my posture improved. I noticed definition returning in my mid-section! I continued to lose weight and am now ~15 lbs less than I was pre-pregnancy. And any signs of a diastasis are now completely gone. My daughter is now 20 months old and I have returned to work. I still fit in the Core Rehab exercises on my lunch breaks, and while playing with her when at home. She now joins me on the floor and exercises right beside me. She loves the workouts too! Thank you for creating a safe, effective, appropriate workout regime for new moms, that accommodates our busy lifestyles.

I would recommend this program to all moms looking to rebuild strength, improve posture, heal diastasis, and reconnect with their core. Thanks Erica!"

Holly Wykes 
Always consult your physician before beginning an exercise program.

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The Core Rehab Program opens again June 2018. Be among the first to know when it becomes available PLUS receive additional tips to get you started strengthening your core today!


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