Your holistic movement program to PREVENT + HEAL:

✓ Incontinence (peeing your pants)
✓ Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)
✓ Back, Sciatica, Neck, Knee, Shoulder Pain
✓ Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
✓ Preparing for Pregnancy + Postpartum Recovery (including c-sections)


Heal + Strengthen + Empower Your Body through Movement, Intuition + Breathwork!

It’s not about spending hours in the gym or striving for perfection, it’s about Self Empowerment! Taking back control of YOUR health, feeling EMPOWERED, strong + confident in YOUR skin through Pilates-infused movements + techniques!

Hear from other women just like you!


You KNOW you need Core Rehab if you have/are any of the following:


✓  PAIN!
✓  Abdominal bloating (i.e., “yoga pants days”)
✓  Fatigue or exhaustion that keeps you from making special memories with your family
✓ Worsening posture that strains your back and neck (and your confidence, too)
✓  Skipping workouts because of pain, fatigue, and "time" (we have your solution for this!)
✓  Diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
✓ Have had a c-section or other abdominal surgery
✓ Planning to become pregnant 
✓ Had a baby (even if your "baby" is 30 years old)
✓ Ready to get your energy, strength, confidence and YOU back!!! 

If you answered YES to even just ONE of the above then Core Rehab is for YOU! 


Your Core Rehab Program

Each module includes all the resources you need for each phase of your journey back to energy, health and incredible confidence, including:

✓ Educational video tutorials (100+ videos)

✓ Pilates-infused movements that build on foundational elements from the previous phase that are safe + effective. 

✓ Detailed workouts you can follow at home, at the gym or on the go.

✓ 6-phase program + 2 BONUS lifestyle phases

✓ Access to Erica's Core Studio Workouts which are great to keep your progress going after completing the 6 phases

✓ LIVE group Q & A coaching  + support throughout your journey

"Erica, I am SO ready to sign up, I had almost given up hope!"


Coaching + Support

You are NOT alone on your journey! Enjoy monthly group coaching calls with Erica and your Core Rehab Coach, Jen. Learn to work WITH your body! PLUS enjoy access to your community of smart + savvy like-minded women just like you!

Education + Tutorials

Knowledge is power, beautiful! Learn proven techniques to create life-long results. Apply the principles to start feeling immediate results! 

Workouts + Movement

It’s not about mastering the movements, it’s about applying my cueing + techniques to HOW you are moving. Out with the old movement patterns AND in with the NEW!

Lifestyle Phase

Core Rehab is a LIFESTYLE Program so enjoy your lifestyle phase with additional educational tutorials, workouts and your workout schedules to (teach)guide you how to keep Core Rehab in your life!

Pelvic Floor + Diastasis Recti

Learn more about testing for diastasis recti, healing pelvic floor dysfunction (peeing your pants, prolapse) diastasis recti, umbilical hernias and more!

Workout Schedule

Your self-paced program includes a daily calendar to follow. Take as much time through each phase as your body need + revisit past phases as often as you’d like. (Plus you can take it on the road with you.)

Recommended by OB Gyn's & Physical Therapists


Masters of Physical Therapy | Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Certified | Creator of Complete Core NYC

"I am very excited to consult with Erica Ziel on her Core Rehab Program. I have personally done these workouts and they are on point. She gives you great technique and an amazing progression to connect with deep core muscles and great engagement."


Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist | Owner of Healing Integrations Physical Therapy

"Erica Ziel has developed a comprehensive program that does not just benefit new mothers, but will benefit everyone. Erica's gift is her ability to read the human body. Her education and training will empower you to make safe + effective exercise choices that will change your body in a profound way. Erica can see where restrictions and poor posture emanate from her ability to correct these and other limitations through exercise and education are remarkable."


Assistant Professor of Sports Science + Health Education at Simpson College

"I have followed Erica's work for several years now both as a healthcare professional and personally through both of my pregnancies. Her programs have been one of the many tools I have used to successfully avoid low back pain and a cesarian section after both deliveries, including a delivery of twins! Erica and I share many similar interests but most importantly, we agree that movement is key! Erica's programs help accomplish just that + they are easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules!"


Board Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologists | Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists + Infertility | Physicians Behind

"Erica is building a community of women who no longer have to suffer in silence due to The Core Rehab Program."

Reclaim your energy, health and confidence with one simple, holistic lifestyle program!



Learn to apply Core Rehab principles to your daily life for enhanced + quicker results PLUS Pilates-infused Workouts + Meditations you can do anywhere!

It's Not Just Another Fitness Program

Learn to safely + effectively strengthen your core + ENTIRE body through Pilates-infused movements. ENERGIZE your life and feel STRONG + PAIN-FREE!


Learn to be more intuitive with your body by retraining your brain and decrease stress through breathwork + meditation! 


Erica's proven methods + techniques are backed by science and different from mainstream fitness. Her Pilates-infused movements + LIVE coaching calls have helped thousands of women live PAIN FREE, become STRONGER and have MORE ENERGY!

"My recovery is 100% attributed to Core Rehab. I trusted the program and it worked! I wouldn’t be able to complete any of my current workouts if I hadn’t healed my core first...Trust the process and trust the program! "

Amanda - Physician and mom of two!

"Finding this program has been one of the best things that's ever happened to me! I've suffered from low back pain for over 12 years - and after 3 months of starting the program it is gone! "


"This was the best thing I did for my body and mind. I used to prefer intense workouts, but have found so much more improvement through doing Core Rehab! "


"And to think I was going to get surgery. I’m so proud I’m healing my diastasis recti. So proud I’m listening to my body. "


"The fact that Erica is knowledgeable and passionate about helping women build their core strength back so that we can feel and be healthy and strong again has been invaluable to me."


"Love, love, love this!! I love the wealth of information that I wish I knew years ago with my first baby and even before then. I love how it has changed exercise for me!"


"Finished the program, but still incorporate several moves each day. The connections just keep getting better and better."


"Thank you Erica Ziel for creating this program, it feels so good to be able to connect with my body again."


"Thanks to the Core Rehab Program, my body is moving so much better. My foundation is strong and solid as I am now able to expand my movement from a place of strength."


Three Pillars of Core Rehab


It’s not about spending hours working out, it’s about moving properly, defining YOUR health and feeling strong + confident in YOUR body!


Learn to enhance your mind + body connection through breathwork, visualization and meditation to speed up your results!


Bring awareness to your nutrition, time, and self care. Slowing down to take time for you! 

Look At What Could Be Possible For YOU!

PLUS… I’m giving you access to these AMAZING bonuses:

I know that when you access your Core Rehab dashboard just a few minutes from now, you’re going to feel an immediate sigh of relief… because there IS hope!

AND not only hope, but true life-long results are on their way!

Core Rehab + your bonuses can be the key to enjoying an active, pain-free, empowered lifestyle - because YOU DESERVE to feel energized + amazing!


Digestion Series ($1,498 Value)

You’ll get 8 educational videos that answer questions about belly bloating causes, gut-brain connection, inflammation, and many more. I’ve also included some of my FAVORITE meal plans and recipes for you to download! PLUS my newest nutrition masterclasses!

Mindfulness Course ($697 Value)

Did you know that training your brain can also have a profound effect on the quality of your results?! In this BONUS course, you’ll improve your intuition and re-frame your thoughts to decrease stress and enhance your results! 

Monthly Group Q & A Coaching Calls with Erica & Coach Jen ($3,500/year value)

Stuck? Have questions? We've got you covered + we are here to customize the program to best fit YOU! You’ll have access to in-depth coaching + Q&A calls! Even if you don’t have any questions, these calls are fantastic resources for getting faster results!


"Finding this program has been one of the best things that's happened to me!" ~Carly


What will My Investment be?

✓ Going to countless medical professionals and not getting the results you want + spending all that travel and countless $$$ on what? 
✓ Having private sessions with a personal trainer 2 times each week would run you AT LEAST $600 per month and $7,200 per year!
✓ 6 months of pelvic floor physical therapy would cost you over $3,000 and that’s just copays! 
✓ Surgery for diastasis recti or pelvic floor repair would cost you at least $12,000! (and you still haven't healed your deep core)

What is your health + quality of life worth to you?

 What's Included:

✓ 6-Phase Core Rehab Program + 2 Lifestyle Phases!  100+ Pilates-infused workouts + educational Videos! ($5,000 value!)

✓ Daily Workout Guide accessible as a downloadable + hyper-linked PDF 
✓ Diastasis Recti  + Pelvic Floor Education ($997 value)
✓  A welcome Group Call with Coach Jen or Erica
✓ Exclusive Support Group! ($500 value)
✓ BONUS: Digestion Series ($1,498 value)
✓ BONUS: Mindfulness Course ($697 value)
✓ BONUS: Access to Erica's Core Studio Workouts + Prenatal Program
✓ BONUS: Monthly Group Q & A  Coaching Calls with ERICA and Coach Jen! ($3,500 yearly value)

Over $12,000 yearly value!




+ Core Studio Workouts for FREE ($19.99/month value)

Yes Erica! I DESERVE this!




+ Core Studio Workouts for FREE ($197 yearly value)





+ Core Studio Workouts for FREE ($197 yearly value)



Erica Ziel B.Sc., FDN-P, CPT, is the creator of Core Rehab, a mom of three, published author, intuitive + health coach, Pilates instructor, personal trainer, nutrition coach, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner with 20 years experience working with woman of all ages. 

Having experienced the frustrations of healing abdominal separation herself along with working with a so many incredible women who benefited greatly from her holistic deep core and fascial training, she knew this program was something she had to create.

You are NOT alone and you CAN transform your life so you feel strong, confident, and free of pain! 

It’s time to start laughing again.

How many more times can you stifle a laugh or a cough because you’re worried about what will come out the other end? 

How many more times will you “pass” on playtime with the kids because physical pain just makes it impossible to be any fun at all?

How many more times will you let exhaustion and back soreness steal your workout time away from you? 

I can’t promise you that Core Rehab will reverse years of symptoms overnight… but I can promise that if you faithfully use the training and resources inside this life-changing program… you WILL enjoy consistently greater health, energy and confidence with every passing day.

I can’t wait to hear how it transforms your life. 

It’s time to do something good for yourself for a change. Choose your Core Rehab package and start your journey to unbelievable wellness today!

Your Partner in Feminine Strength,
Erica Ziel

Always consult your physician before beginning an exercise program.


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